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Minutes 2019

 Minute of Meeting of Elie and Royal Burgh of Earlsferry Community Council held on 3rd June 2019 in Elie Sailing Club


Present:  Mark Dickson (Chair), Angus Meldrum, Angela Anderson, Shelagh Mackay, Jim Robertson, Sandy Bingham, Grizelda Cowan, Patricia Ritchie, Cllrs John Docherty and Linda Holt


No Declarations of interest.


Police report provided by PC Stecka and PC Wallace

Various thefts have been reported including bench.

Report of dog savaging sheep at Ardross – offender still unidentified.

Report of a suspicious vehicle at Pavilion, a grey Ford Focus on 31st May between 22.00 and 23.30. Checking with GHC CCTV.

An action plan is to take place to address speeding issues in the village.

CC informed that Police can no longer issue parking tickets – and a request must be made to Fife Council for traffic wardens to attend from time to time.

New police officers are looking into the theft of furniture from Earlsferry Town Hall.

Police officers left at 7.45 – Chair expressed our thanks for attending


Minutes of the previous meeting - proposed by Angus, seconded by Shelagh




Mark noted that an AGM should take place shortly – agreed to hold at next CC meeting on 21st July

Village was busy at Easter with loads of activities including Scarecrow Festival, cinema club, cricket on beach, golf competitions and History Society walks – all well attended

Main Elie Beach and Ruby Bay have both been awarded Beach Award from Keep Scotland Beautiful.

Jim Robertson to give report from North East Fife Community Council meeting.

Going Forth - working on final draft which will be published in a few weeks once reviewed by the CC. The launch will be publicised for the public.

Out of hours Group – awaiting decision from Implementation Joint Board

East Neuk Responders group – training is to be offered to all local businesses – more information to follow.

20 MPH Zone – it was confirmed that, in order for this to be the put in place on a main road there has to be reports of a serious accident unless there is huge community support for such a speed limit. A petition to N E Fife Area Committee Councillors can overrule this decision. More speed strips are to be installed and it is expected the results of Going Forth report will confirm local support.

It was confirmed that we can request traffic wardens to address parking problems – Cllr John Docherty to look into this.

















Cllr John Docherty



Nothing to report.




Income and Expenditure Account for year ending 31st March has been prepared. This will be available to view separately.





Grizelda to ask Bridget Sneddon to chase Allan Bisset re proposals and advice on funding possibilities.





Sourcing funding for fencing for Earlsferry dune site. Aprox. £1000 required – Angela optimistic.





Various planters have been installed throughout the village.

Judging for Beautiful Fife will be on 22nd July – request to have pavements sprayed prior to this. Cllr Linda Holt to action.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to join the group should contact Steve Blaney or Graham Meacher.

Bins and litter – it is understood that all litter bins in E &E are serviced daily but there seems to be some doubt as to whether this is the case. Cllr Linda Holt to investigate

James Braid sign – thanks to History Society for repositioning it and thanks to Elie Golf House and Thistle Clubs for their contributions.





Cllr Linda Holt



Proposed housing development on land adjacent to phone exchange – Public Consultation to be held Elie Church Hall 7th June 3pm – 7pm.





Agreed to do a call out for volunteers to raise and take down flag at Toll Green when necessary.

Request to Fife Council to consider installing electric car charger point but committee felt that this would not be appropriate due to lack of parking provision as it is.

Broken pane at bus stop at Toll Green – Carol Birrell is on to it!

Thanks were noted to Sandy and Martin for cutting the football pitch grass and to Donald Thomson who has agreed to cut it in future. Question was asked as to why verges on road beside football pitch have not been cut.

Angus raised problem of dogs out of control on the beach – dog warden to be alerted.









Date of next meeting Monday 1st July at Elie Sailing Club immediately after AGM at 7.30pm.






Minutes of Meeting of Elie and Royal Burgh of Earlsferry Community Council held on 1st April 2019 in Elie Sailing Club 

Present:  Mark Dickson (Chair), Jim Robertson, Sandy Bingham, Grizelda Cowan, Patricia Ritchie, Shelagh Mackay, Cllrs Bill Porteous, John Docherty, Linda Holt

Apologies from: Angus Meldrum, Angela Anderson

Declarations of interest from: Mark, Grizelda and Sandy re Elie Estate planning proposals

Minutes of the previous meeting - proposed by Jim Robertson, seconded by Sandy Bingham


Going Forth Charrette

On going, being conducted by PAS who have been happy with attendance at workshops. Follow up drop in session in Earlsferry Town Hall on 13th April, 2pm – 6pm. CC members asked to spread the word and encourage folk to attend. Mark to forward Going Forth newsletters  to all CC members

Fayre Day app - to be launched next week. This will show a comprehensive What’s On in Elie and Earlsferry.



Cllr John Docherty

Roadworks on Links Road have started and these will continue on to Earlsferry and Chapel green. New parking bay lines will be made outside Earlsferry Town Hall and upgrading of street signs are ongoing. Surprise was expressed that, once again, work was taking place during a very busy holiday period.

Cllr Bill Porteous

Two planning applications for new phone mast are being considered – 1 behind wall by 30MPH sign and 1 slightly modified and smaller mast on roadside close to BT building. We await decision of which will be approved.

Scottish laws on domestic abuse now include financial and coercive abuse.

There has been a hold up re double yellow lines proposed for outside Ship Inn – sand was cleared but unfortunately it returned before lines were painted. This will be re-addressed.

Cllr Linda Holt

Still trying to chase up mystery of theft of furniture from Earlsferry Town Hall. Mark to contact Louise Ness who takes hall bookings, to ask if she was aware of any activity.



£25k now in bank to pay PAS. Payment will be made on Angus’s return, probably in 2 stages.



At last ENF meeting on 27th February Woodside play park was discussed and, as a result, Fife Council Parks Development Officer, Alan Bisset, met with members of E&ECC to discuss way forward. He advised that the park would be redesigned and that he would come back with suggested designs and advice on funding opportunities. *

There continues to be some support for 20MPH restrictions to be set in all East Neuk villages. CC agreed to wait for findings of Charette before requesting that all of Elie should be a 20MPH zone.

CC was advised that 2020 is ‘Year of Coast and Waters’ and grants are available for community projects.

(more info from ‘https://www.visitscotland.org/supporting-your-business/marketing-toolkits/year-of-coasts-and-waters-2020 )

There was a discussion on provision of a ‘multiuse path joining up all East Neuk Villages – we await progress on this.

E&ECC requested that at next ENF meeting Fife Council should be asked for a reduction in hiring fees for CCs wishing to use community halls for meetings.



Fayre Day group have a packed programme for forthcoming year including Scarecrow Festival 3rd – 6th May, Fayre Day itself on 13th July and various Christmas activities.

The new app showing a comprehensive What’s On guide is to be launched week beginning 8th April.



No update at present.



Replanting of tubs and baskets planned for end of April. Hanging baskets are to be watered by same folk as in previous years.

Flagpole to be taken down and fixed so that flags fly properly.



Letter of objection to be submitted to FC re Elie Estates planning proposals is nearly finalised – Mark to circulate to members of CC for final amendments/additions.

It was pointed out at last meeting it was agreed that CC should ‘write to Fife Council expressing concerns about the disposal of resulting commercial and public rubbish, additional litter on Toll Green and emission of exhaust fumes’ from the proposals for a new fast food restaurant. However as no one was asked to action this has not been done. Mark agreed to check closing date for comments and action if still time.



CC has received request to fly Red Ensign on 3rd September, Merchant Navy Day. Jim to contact veterans to arrange small ceremony.

Discussion on painting of white borders round tubs on pavements to avoid accidents. Environmental Group to be asked to action this.

Bill Porteous pointed out that we should have a police report at every meeting. Mark to contact local police to advise them of forthcoming meetings and request report and/or police presence at meetings.

Date of next meeting Monday 6th May, 7.30 at Elie Sailing Club


* Since then a Parents’ Group has been formed in conjunction with Going Forth and wish to be informed when Alan Bisset comes back with his proposed deigns and funding advice.


Minutes of the Elie and Earlsferry Community Council Meeting

On Monday 4th March 2019 at 7.30pm

1.In the absence of both the chairman and the vice chairman, Angus Meldrum took the chair.

2. Apologies had been received from Mark Dickson, Shelagh Mackay Wilson and Grizelda Cowan.

3. The minutes of the last meeting held on 4 February were agreed. Proposed by Trisha Ritchie and seconded by Angela Anderson.

4. Matters arising:

Angela Anderson provided an update on the Out of Hours service. Progress is being made. The team from the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership have been visiting the GP practices in the area and consulting on any relevant issues and problems relating to the service and potential solutions. This information is to be collated and used at a series of workshops which will take place shortly to create the new model for the Out of Hours service in NE Fife.  Information on the proposed new model will be put before the Implementation Joint Board in April, hopefully for endorsement.

Angela Anderson also gave an update on the Elie & Earlsferry Environmental Action Group who had visited the Dundee and Angus Pallet Recycling Centre regarding the purchase of new larger planters for the outskirts of the village.

Jim Roberston gave an update on the meeting of the East Neuk Forum (notes attached). The Community Council need to contact Fife Council’s Green Space Officer to arrange a site visit to the playpark at Woodside. {Jim Robertson has subsequently agreed to do that}.

Speed limits and other non planning matters were agreed to be carried forward to the next meeting.

5. Planning Matters

The Community Council discussed the application to open a hot food takeaway at 1 Rankeillor Street. They agreed to write to Fife Council expressing concerns about the disposal of resulting commercial and public rubbish, additional litter on Toll Green and emission of exhaust fumes.

There followed a short discussion on the planning application for 25 houses at The Grange. It was noted that the response from the Community Council was in the process of being drafted. It was understood that Alex Nairn had requested an extension to the deadline by which comments needed to be submitted to Fife Council.

6. Jim Roberston brought a form that was available at the newsagents for people to communicate to the Community Council. It required to be updated.

He also brought a complaint from a member of the public regarding the reduced frequency of bin collection outside Isaac Mackie House. Angus Meldrum agreed to forward it to one of our Councillors.


Minute of Meeting of Elie and Royal Burgh of Earlsferry Community Council

held on Monday 4th February  in Elie Sailing Club


Present:  Mark Dickson (Chair), Trisha Ritchie, Jim Robertson, Shelagh Mackay, Angus Meldrum, Angela Anderson, Grizelda Cowan, Sandy Bingham, Cllrs John Docherty and Linda Holt

Apologies from: Cllr Bill Porteous

Minute of the previous meeting was proposed by Trisha, seconded by Shelagh


Shelagh informed meeting of a declaration of interest re a planning application amendment to an existing application re rear render, removal of 3 windows & retaining rear wall at 8 The Terrace.



Chairman’s Update

  • We have been advised that the planning application from Elie Estates will be ‘live’ this week.
  • Fife Council has intimated that it will be paying heed to all Community Action Plans. Local legislation going through whereby FC will act on results of charrettes and Community Action Plans. As a result of various CAPs it has become clear that all East Neuk villages have similar issues they wish to be addressed. Agreement to collaborate with other villages to present a united voice to FC.
  • PAS, a citizens advice charity, has been appointed to conduct the Charrette. Proposed dates: 28th, 29th and 30 March – drop in workshops to be held in Earlsferry Town Hall with follow up event on 13th April. Trisha to book Hall for these.
  • Fayre Day is about to launch a ‘What’s On in Elie’ app – more details to follow.











Councillors’ reports

Linda Holt:

As the land behind Earlsferry Town Hall appears to have been ‘appropriated’ by owner of ‘the Wee House’ efforts are being made to track down title and receive assurances from FC that this land will not be sold.

Meeting was informed that there is a FC fund available for use prior to a CAT – Trisha and Linda to investigate.

ETH table and chairs are still missing. Mark to check with Janice Laird, caretaker, dates that the crèche operated and to when furniture was moved from Council room to hall stage.Acting head at Waid Academy has expressed concern over Charrette conductors interviewing pupils at school. Suggestion that perhaps these discussions could take place on school bus. Mark to liaise with Heather Laird.

John Docherty:Meeting was assured that the various village issues including street signs to be upgraded, double yellow lines outside Ship Inn, new parking spaces outside Earlsferry Town Hall and disabled bays at the chemist's and Town Hall, are all on FC’s ‘To do’ list. As for disrepair of road at Chapel Green it was suggesteded that there was little point in addressing this until planning application for new house had been decided on.

There is a predicted rise of high tides from 350mm to 500mm by 2023. An estimated spend of £42.8m will be required to protect Fife Coastline.



Trisha, Linda









Village amenities, streets and parking issues

  • East Neuk Community Forum meeting scheduled for March at which it is hoped that a decision re Elie Playpark equipment will be made.
  • It was confirmed that the ETH piano was gifted to Fayre Day
  • Road closure at main road end of Ferry Road. It was noted that work had started earlier than originally intimated and that it was hoped that it was nearly complete.
  • New phone mast – awaiting update.


Beach Group

  • Ivy has been removed from the dunes at Earlsferry as it has very shallow roots and is insufficient to stabilise the dunes. The site is being left fallow for one year to ensure there is no regrowth. Any regrowth of ivy will be tackled by the local beachside home-owner. Marram grass will then be transplanted onto the dunes this autumn with the help of the students from Elmwood College.
  • Further fencing is required and cash for this is being sought.
  • Concern has been expressed re removal of sand from beach. Trisha asked about the authority for the sand removal - Angela will email her with details. Meeting was assured that EGHC is permitted to remove an annually defined amount of sand from the area on the east side at the bottom of Telford Lane.
  • Very grateful thanks were extended to all those who conduct litter sweeps in the village and on the beach.


Environmental Action Group

Meeting to be held on 12th February at which plans for forthcoming season will be discussed. Volunteers are always welcome.




Possible renovation of water fountain at Toll Green

It was agreed that renovation of existing fountain would be impossible but that we should look into provision of a new drinking fountain adjacent.

It was agreed that a search would-be conducted to locate old documents/archives. Angela to ask Graham.*






Planning Group

It was noted that application for the re-location of a pulley beam and for the installation of a set of glazed doors with a Juliet balcony at Flat 5 The Granary had been refused.






Thanks were expressed to those who had contributed to our Facebook site. Discussions to take place on how to improve this.

Thanks also expressed to Graham Johnston for his informative and very entertaining Elie Herald.

Mark, Grizelda


  • Elie School has expressed concern over the amount of dog mess in the streets. Residents are encouraged to report anyone not picking up after their dog. More bins have been requested. Suggestion that the Elie school children might make some posters which could be put up round the village.
  • Out of Hours Group. Fife Health and Social Care Partnership has acknowledged the Group’s requests and the decision to close St Andrews is being reconsidered.
  • Scottish Government Consultation of Fireworks information - https://consult.gov.scot/safer-communities/fireworks/?fbclid=IwAR2IM-1HXgzYrikOyVTI0CgpQHsK3Cw21coo2d111e1fXw7WnG_c5eZms1U-  to be shared on our Facebook.
  • Earlsferry Town Hall activities: The next screening is ‘Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle’ on 17th February at 4pm. In addition there is Line Dancing on a Tuesday afternoon at 4.00pm, Strength & Balance class on Thursdays at 10.00am, short tennis at 3.45pm on Fridays and Kids Club at 6.30pm on 15th Feb, 1st March and 4th April. Website coming shortly!.








Date of next meeting: Monday 4th March, Elie Sailing Cub



* Since then we have been informed that there is a large box of CC documents in the Elie library.

Minute of Meeting of Elie and Royal Burgh of Earlsferry Community Council held on Monday 7th January 2019 in Sailing Club

Present:  Mark Dickson (Chair), Trisha Ritchie, Jim Robertson, Shelagh Mackay, Angus Meldrum, Angela Anderson, Grizelda Cowan, Cllr Bill Porteous

Apologies from: Cllrs Linda Holt and John Docherty

Minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by Trisha, seconded by Grizelda

Chairman’s Update

  • Mark expressed our thanks to Fayre Day group for all the recent Christmas events and decorations throughout the village.
  • It was acknowledged that there had been issues over litter in village and on beach and some anti social fireworks over Christmas holiday period. Meeting agreed to postpone further discussion on these till end of the year and agreed that some well sited friendly notices might be put up next December.
  • Mark apologised for the misunderstanding re the vote from last meeting re communication with public re planning issues. Agreed to make decisions clearer in future.
  • It was noted the planning for the Elie Estates development has been submitted but, as yet, no notification from Fife Council Planning Dept. 
  • Mark informed meeting that he had met with Willie Rennie MSP to discuss local issues and reported that WR would like to be kept up to date with all local issues.

Councillors’ reports

  • Bill  Porteous reported that:
  • Bins behind church have all been emptied
  • Ferry Road is to close from 31st January to 6th February from St Ford Cottages to junction with main road to allow for BT work.
  • He attended site visit for new Madras – to go to planning on 9th Jan. *
  • Meeting at end of December looked at possible new site for mobile mast behind Woodside Road in wooded area belonging to Elie Estates. Application for this site to be submitted to planning. CC agreed to provide letter of support for this location when more information is available.
  • Discussions still on-going on whether Elie should have a 20MPH speed limit

Position of secretary for CC

Grizelda has agreed to take minutes at meetings and Mark has agreed to take over other secretarial duties, delegating when appropriate.



Mark confirmed that a grant of £25k from Scottish Government has been approved. Of the 4 groups approached 2 have submitted offers. The appointed group is expected to conduct the Charette during the February school half term when it is expected that there will be more people in the village.  

Possible renovation of water fountain at Toll Green

As yet no reply from St Andrews CC re their fountain in Market Street and we are still trying to find results of original feasibility study conducted some years ago. It was agreed that if it is not possible to renovate existing water fountain CC would look into possibility of installing a new one.

Village amenities, streets and parking issues

  • Street signs to be upgraded.
  • Lights past Toft still not working
  • Still waiting for double yellow lines outside Ship Inn
  • Still waiting for new parking spaces outside Earlsferry Town Hall to be marked. It is also hoped to include disabled bays at the chemist's and Town Hall.
  • Disrepair of road at Chapel Green – still awaiting action from Fife Council
  • Replacement of play park equipment – there is to be an East Neuk Forum meeting this month at which it is hoped there will be some movement on this.
  • Disappearance of table and chairs from ETH. History Society has been asked if they have any photos of said items which could be used for a possible insurance claim. Still trying to ascertain when they were last seen. Willie Rennie has agreed to look into this for us.
  • Jim Robertson asked if the piano last seen below stage on left was also missing.

Beach Group

Fencing along dunes at Elie end is now all in place and all ivy has been removed. Replanting of marram grass by Elmwood students is on-going with grass being taken from dunes at harbour.

Environmental Action Group

Not a lot of action at the moment but lots of planning in progress. It was noted with pleasure that Elie and Earlsferry had improved on their 2017 score in 2018 and had been awarded Silver Gilt but still chasing that Beautiful Fife Gold Award.

Plans to develop links by Lady’s Tower and at Saucher Point to provide shelter for feathered migrants. Plans to plant appropriate shrubs etc to encourage birds to rest.

Emergency Planning Group

Mark to liaise with Steve Blaney to provide info on contacts and action in case of emergency.

Planning Committe

No new planning applications causing concern. **


Angus questioned reason for new bus stop outside old RBS bank.

Angela informed meeting that Graham Johnston would be happy to include any CC business in his next Elie Herald.

Angela also brought up apparent problem with ATM which is flashing up a picture of a debit card when dispensing cash. This has been reported to RBS.***

Request was made to the EAG that white bands should be put round planters to avoid accidents

Date of next meeting: Monday 4th February, Elie Sailing Cub

* Since then it has been announced that planning permission for new Madras has been granted.

** Since then application for the re-location of a pulley beam and for the installation of a set of glazed doors with a Juliet balcony at Flat 5 The Granary has been refused.

*** Since then this issue has been resolved and ATM is safe to use. 


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