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Recently we have had to say goodbye to our Chair, Mark Dickson who has moved homes. We would like to thank him for all his hard work while holding the position of Chair of Elie and Earlsferry Community Council and wish him and his family all the best in their new home.

Shelagh Mackay has taken on the position of Chair and we welcome two new members to our team - 

Nicola Hetherington and Bridget Sneddon.

Contact deatils for all members of the CC can be found on the Home page.


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The Future of Elie and Earlsferry

Elie Estates have proposed some extensive developments in this area - to build some 81 new houses  (25 at Grange Road and 55 at Wadeslea) of which 24 will be “affordable homes” and available for rent.   The balance will be purchased of which the majority seem likely to be second homes or holiday rentals.  Such developments may have a dramatic effect on the villages.    The permanent population of the villages will likely stay at the same percentage (currently roughly 30%) and it remains to be seen if this will add any economic benefit to the area.

Do we wish to consider anything to change that position? If we are content with the status quo we will have to acknowledge that if Elie Estates’ plans proceed, the character of the villages will change.  Would this be for the good?   Is the percentage of full time residents too low? Should we seek to increase the proportion? If so how? Or should we be satisfied that the current ratio is ideal for those of us who live here permanently and for at least the major part of the year have easy access to first class facilities without the crowds? Are we content that the proposals of Elie Estate will make no significant difference to the village or if it does are these changes tolerable or beneficial? Do we wish to increase tourism – and if so how do we do it? How would we like our village to  look in say 10 to 20 years? What measures can we take as a community to make a difference to the present situation?

Public Meeting April 2018

These and many more questions were debated at Earlsferry Town Hall on Monday 9th April.  The Director of Housing John Mills and Director of Finance Les Robertson together with two other representatives of the administration were present to answer questions. Councillor Linda Holt East Neuk and Landward was also on the platform.  There was a large attendance (circa 150) and a lively debate in which the main opposition seemed to be that this was too big a development too far. 

There were a number of specific matters which caused concern:

Biomass Plant - that proposed for Grange would pollute the village and there is evidence to suggest that they may well be harmful to health.

Ferry Road access to Grange development was a major difficulty which the planners and developers would have to get round.

Water and Sewerage was a major concern for the Grange development. At the moment the water/sewerage can barely cope in high season.

Lack of environment assessment by Fife Council - It was undertaken by the Fife Officials that they would find out why there had been a recommendation that one was not necessary and we would be advised.

There was a perceived lack of interest from locals wanting affordable housing

Fife Council did not seem to have any  future planning for Elie and  Earlsferry, particularly affordable housing with no preference given to locals.

Traffic congestion was likely to be exacerbated.

Elie and Earlsferry is dead  for most of the time and needs more residents.

Fife Council does not get community charge income from short let properties which are registered as businesses.

Reduced population meant reduction of shops. Closure of P.O. and Bank already evidenced.

Social Housing in St. Monans causes problems and fear of this also happening in Elie and Earlsferry.

144 individual objections were lodged and ignored in relation to the change of development plan for the Grange site.

Nursing and Care Home already present in Earlsferry and Elie would be affected with proposed  new building of Care  home 

Retail outlets would take away business locally.

Ferry Road not wide enough for pavement down beside golf course.

There was a need for less second and holiday rental homes.

Some of the rents for housing associations were beyond the normal working wage.

These developments will radically change the character of the village and are irreversible.

There was too much development and that if it was necessary or desirable it should be smaller to  begin with.

The CareHome and retirement apartments were not in the Fife Plan.

The school roll is falling and something needs to be done.

As matters progressed it seemed to be the view that some form of development may be  inevitable if an application for planning permission were to be lodged in the future and that whilst there was likely to be opposition in principle that may well be in vain.  The suggestion was that effort should be directed more to moulding the proposals to make them more acceptable.  There was considerable anxiety expressed in relation to the affordable rental homes and horror stories from elsewhere suggested that some control and management was required locally.  

We would welcome your feedback both in relation to these proposals and anything else relating to the village – please use the feedback form on the menu on the website elieandearlsferrycc.org


Elie Estates have having another exhibition on 17th May (the April one has been postponed)  It is important that people go along and express their views.  This is important for the village and you really must get involved.




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