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Minute of Meeting of Elie and Royal Burgh of Earlsferry Community Council held on 3rd May 2020 via Zoom

Present:  Mark Dickson (Chair), Jim Robertson, Angela Anderson, Patricia Ritchie, Angus Meldrum, Sandy Bingham, Shelagh Mackay and Grizelda Cowan.

Apologies: Councillors Linda Holt, John Docherty and Cllr Bill Porteous

Declarations of interest: No new declarations of interest

March minutes - proposed by Mark, seconded by Angela.


This is a trial Zoom meeting and the aim is to keep it short!

Thanks were expressed to:


All individuals and groups who have responded to requests for help during the pandemic, Local businesses who are adopting new methods of delivery,

All those who have followed advice and not visited Elie during lockdown.

Acceptance that there is public concern over possible influx of visitors over the next few weeks during the traditional holiday period and there are reports of some residents coming and going during the lockdown period. Decision was made to put a notice on E&ECC website and Facebook – Mark to do wording and Grizelda will post.

Mark gave us an update on the situation re volunteers from CC. The original understanding was that CC volunteers were to be coordinated by ENCEPT but we have been informed that this is to be done by CC. In fact the community has received more offers of help than has been needed.


The NE Fife Out of Hours group has been actively working towards promoting the adoption in Scotland of the Test, Trace & Isolate (TTI) approach. Following its wish to support such an approach, the Group put out a call for volunteers to assist with contact tracing, and the response from bodies such as St. Andrews University, ENCEPT (East Neuk Emergency Planning Team), First responders, several community councils and individuals has been overwhelmingly positive. The Group has written to the Deputy CMO and the FHSCP offering its services.

The Out of Hours service at St. Andrews Community Hospital, has been extended again and is now open 6pm -12midnight and all weekend from 8am to 12 midnight. All the services have been rearranged due to COVID-19.  St Andrews is regarded as a Green zone and so patients are seen after careful phone triage, if it is considered essential that they be seen.  All patients with anything that could be coronavirus related are triaged by a hub in Glenrothes and if they need to be seen they are directed to a Red zone at the Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy. The Overnight service is however being operated from Dunfermline with a potential requirement for patients that need to be seen to travel there.  While this is clearly a deterioration in the service for NE Fife patients, it is a temporary one related to Covid 19.


CC has received request from local businesses that when shops are able to re-open that the public should adhere to queuing systems and that there might be a need to ask for a Traffic Order to ensure social distancing and safety of chidren when parking.


Awaiting feedback from Fife Councillors – see previous minutes

SEPA is still looking into the broken overflow sewage pipe. Angus informed meeting Scottish Water did send a truck to investigate about a month ago and he will chase up for their findings.

Request for a replacement lifebuoy on dunes on Elie Beach. Mark will ask Robbie Blyth of FC&C trust


Deadline for comments on the planning application for houses to be built on plot of land to east of telephone exchange, Park Place is 11th June - https://planning.fife.gov.uk/online/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=Q80HV8HFJNM00&activeTab=summary


Angus requested approval of decision to appoint previous auditor to prepare annual report. CC agreed.


The fencing at Earlsferry is now finished and two beachfront home owners have requested help to plant marram grass in November


Every task has been allocated and plans are afoot to plant throughout the village this coming Thursday. The group has been granted £250 Local Community Grant.

Application for funding has been submitted for refurbishment of water fountain and bandstand


The grass has been mowed by local residents in an attempt to keep area tidy. Discussions re lease of park are ongoing with Football Pitch Group.


It was reported that there has been concern expressed by several locals that the footpath in Elie Estate which runs past the boathouse looks as if it is in danger of being fenced off. Angela to re-discuss this matter with Fife Access Officer.

It was agreed that this Zoom meeting had been a success and was agreed that we should pay the monthly sum of £11.99 in order to extend possible length.

Date of next meeting 7.30pm 2nd June via Zoom. This will be a public meeting and members of the public will be invited to join.


Minute of Meeting of Elie and Royal Burgh of Earlsferry Community Council held on 3rd March 2020 in Elie Sailing Club

Present:  Mark Dickson (Chair), Angela Anderson, Patricia Ritchie, Angus Meldrum, Sandy Bingham, Grizelda Cowan.

Councillors Linda Holt, and John Docherty.

Apologies: Shelagh Mackay and Cllr Bill Porteous

Declarations of interest: Mark and Grizelda both stated a personal interest into the proposed development at the Grange site and Sandy in connection with her planning application.

Police report: No Police report this month

February minutes - proposed by Trisha, seconded by Angela.


Congratulations to 19th Hole for winning  Scotland Business Award Best Eatery 2020

Proposed Beach Clean at West Bay 29th March organised by Neil Grieve at Appletons.

Gate to Dumbarnie Golf Course from track along old railway line is no longer locked and is accessible to walkers – please shut behind you!

COMCL, now a registered limited company, held a very successful workshop. Projects discussed included:

Toll Green improvements – to be undertaken by Environmental Group

Golf Museum – History Society

Campervan trial at Ruby Bay car park to start 1st April

An application for Cycle Path from Pittenweem to Lower Largo has been submitted to SUSTRANS for funds for consultation process and feasibility study.

E&ECC supports Earlsferry Town Hall’s application for Community Transfer, to be summitted this week

East Neuk Forum to meet on 19th March – a new form of ENCAP is expected.


Cllr John Docherty Kingsbarns Beach Car Park wishes to emulate our plans for overnight campervan parking

Cllr Linda Holt has been attending consultation re off shore wind farms. More info to follow.


It was agreed that new suggestion forms for public to submit requests, ideas, comments etc should be designed and given to Newsagents for distribution – Grizelda to action. Following numerous request to help with problem of dog fouling in and around the village it was agreed that CC should purchase dog poo bag dispensers which would be situated at Ruby Bay Car Park, Chapel Green and Toll Green – Mark to action.

Re path in Elie Estate past old boathouse – Mark to request that CC should be informed if/when the plan is to block off this route completely. It is hoped that public would continue to be able to use the route for time being.

Re overflow sewer pipe on beach – SEPA is chasing up Scottish Water as urgent repairs are necessary.

Mark confirmed that access to the beach at the Toft cannot be completely blocked off. A gate could be installed but this could not be locked.


There is still a need to address problem of parking bays outside Earlsferry Town Hall – there appears to be an extra unnecessary disabled bay.

We are awaiting results of review of play parks from newly appointed FC manager.

The CC is awaiting feedback from police re theft of furniture from Earlsferry Town Hall.

Bollard at Chapel Green still awaiting repair.

The lights on road to Toft are now working fine.

Flooding at bottom of Castwell Wynd and Glovers Wynd has been reported to FC.

Part of the wall at Doom/Dome Park at Chapel Green has collapsed. A safety barrier has been erected – Mark to find out if this is responsibility of FC or FC&C Trust.

The Slow Down sign at eastern approach to village is not working. It is believed that this has already been reported to fife Council by Graham Johnston.

Street sign at Wadeslea is broken and lying on pavement – Mark to re-report. Cllr Linda Holt to investigate it poses a danger.


Nothing of concern reported


The fencing at Earlsferry is now finished and most of the marram grass planted.

The local farmers have turned down the offer of seaweed due to the plastic within it. An alternative suggestion is to collect and put in dumps at Elie Estate. Robbie Blyth is investigating funding for the management of seaweed removal.

The Harbour Trust has raised concerns over safety of toilets at harbour – request made to FC to make them safe. Build up of sand outside Ship Inn – Cllr Linda Holt to report to Sarah Wilson at FC.


Pollarding of trees on Toll Green cannot go ahead as FC does not own Toll Green and is therefore not responsible. However, as one tree is actually dangerous FC is to be asked to fell. Cllr Linda Holt to ask Brian Taylor to action.


The Out of Hours (OOH) group has requested data from the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership (FHSCP)which will enable full consideration of the performance of the service. The FHSCP has advised this data may be available following a review of the data by the Clinical Governance committee at their next meeting.

 It was noted that feedback on the service can be provided via the Care Opinion website. It is anonymous. It is an ideal way to give praise where it is due but it also provides the opportunity for patients and carers to give really honest feedback and provide a true reflection of the care which they have received. People can choose what they want to say. We have been advised that NHS managers and staff do actively respond to the feedback.  It is an important way of introducing changes to a service where it needs to be improved.  

The role of the First Responders was described by Gillian Duncan who coordinates the service in the local area. She advised that First Responders (FR) is a voluntary and highly trained organisation which responds to emergency care in the community.  They fill a gap in services in life threatening situations.  They work in partnership with the Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS).  FR personnel are willing to train in additional situations and with new equipment but do not diagnose. The Out of Hours group felt they could add a valuable contribution to the Out of Hours service and will write to the FHSCP and advise of this.

 The OOH group has been meeting with government advisers to review the National Guidance on Community Involvement and put forward a number of recommendations. A user friendly version will be made available for the public and Community Groups.  It is hoped these may be available some time in the summer.


East Neuk Literary Festival to be held at Kellie Castle 10th – 11th October. Cllr Linda Holt to give Trish info on possible funding for event.

Date of next meeting, 7th April Sailing Club 7.30pm.


Minute of Meeting of Elie and Royal Burgh of Earlsferry Community Council held on 4th February 2020 in Elie Sailing Club

Present:  Mark Dickson (Chair), Angela Anderson, Patricia Ritchie, Shelagh Mackay, Angus Meldrum, Sandy Bingham, Grizelda Cowan.

Councillors Linda Holt, Bill Porteous and John Docherty.

Apologies: Jim Robertson

Declarations of interest: Mark and Grizelda both stated a personal interest into the proposed development at the Grange site and Sandy and Shelagh in connection with their planning applications.

Police report: Police reported no crimes recorded. Four people have applied to participate in the Speedwatch program. Trying to get a ‘Pop up Bob’ but one is injured at moment. Plan to target lorries and busses which appear to be regular speed offenders. The sensor on the speed light appears to be defective – should turn red when limit is exceeded – this will be attended to.

January minutes - proposed by Shelagh, seconded by Trisha.


Funding of up to £10k is available from SNH for coastal improvements – closing date is end of February. For more information go to https://www.nature.scot/professional-advice/land-and-sea-management/managing-access-and-recreation/increasing-participation/snh-and-year-coasts-and-waters-2020-ycw2020-0

BT has indicated their intention to remove red phone box from beside Toll Green. CC agreed that it should be adopted and put to community use as, for example, a place for siting a defibrillator, book exchange. Any other suggestions are welcome.

COMCOL – meeting/workshop will take place on 8th February.

Mark and Angus met with representatives from Fife Planning Department to discuss application for major development. FC is aware of the decision by SEPA to withdraw their objection with regard to overflow, drainage for proposed houses. Angus noted a perceived contradiction in this decision. Planning department will look into our concerns concerning existing over flow problems including problems with broken waste water pipe on beach below School Wynd. Mark to list all our all our concerns,. Scottish Water are still investigating possibility of improving whole system but nothing confirmed yet.

Meeting was reminded of training opportunities for CC members 20th/27th February at Fife House. Applications should be made on line.


Cllr John Docherty reported that FC has agreed to reinstate disabled ramp to beach at the end of the gardens at The Toft.

Cllr Linda Holt informed CC that a meeting is planned to decide which roads and pathways in Fife need attention. They have no record of broken pavements and as there are several in Elie and Earlsferry this will be attended to. The meeting identified Ferry Road as in particular need of repair/upgrading.

Cllr Bill Porteous reported a delay in decision re siting of new O2/Vodafone mast as  there is now more concentration of providing 5G in cities.

Consultation on Freedom Camping has received positive feedback and intention is to start pilot scheme in April.

Bill met with representative from SUSTRANS and FC to conduct feasibility study for implementation of cycle path form Elie to St Monans.


It has been noted that fences are being erected in Elie Estate which appear to be blocking off the popular track which goes beside the loch and straight past the boathouse and that signs for core path directs walkers ‘inland’. It was decided that Mark should email Alex Nairn to ask for clarification.

It has been noted that gates along the old railway line towards new Dumbarnie Golf Course are either locked or signed ‘No Entry’. It was felt that as construction has now finished the right of way to the Coastal Path should not be restricted. Bill Porteous has emailed Dumbarnie Golf Course to request that access be reinstated.

With regard to broken sewage pipe on beach below School Wynd Angus has contacted Fife Council requesting urgent repairs. General concern was expressed about the frequency of this emergency system being in action with raw sewage being emptied into the sea and, at very low tides, on to the beach. Angus to contact Scottish Water and SEPA with our concerns.

With regard to the problem of dog mess in village an email has been sent to the main two letting agents requesting that they ask all dog owning tenants to be extra vigilant.  Elie Select has replied with assurances that they will continue to urge their dog owning tenants to be responsible.  CC is to consider the possibility of siting dog poo bag dispensers round the village.

Sally Brown from Easter Grangemuir Farm requested permission to sell strawberries on Toll Green. It was decided that we ask for more information with regard to her request before commenting. But it was generally felt that there might be serious health risk in selling uncovered food on the Green and that local shops would be opposed to the plan. Grizelda to action.


It was noted with pleasure that some street signs have been painted. Others still need attention.

There is still a need to address problem of parking bays outside Earlsferry Town Hall – there appears to be an extra unnecessary disabled bay.

There are now double yellow lines outside Ship Inn as requested but there is still confusion as to how far along these should extend and with regard to the problem of painting yellow line on the road when it is covered in sand.

The bollards at Chapel Green and the bollards and sign outside Elie House are still broken.

Street lights on road down to Toft appear to work only occasionally. This has already been reported and it is expected that it will be attended to with some urgency.

Flooding at bottom of Castwell Wynd has been reported to FC.


Nothing of concern reported


Payment of £497 has come through.

Cllr Linda Holt informed meeting of a fund set up with cash to be divided between floral groups and suggested that we should check to see if E & E are on list of proposed recipients. *


A claim has been made to the Common Good Fund for cost of the fencing. Local resident Bob Duff has agreed to pay for the difference in cost if there is a shortfall.

A request has been made that seaweed should be removed from Harbour Beach twice a year in April and November. There are on-going discussions as where best to put it. Local farmers will be contacted to see if it can be spread on fields and a suggestion was made that moving it to a low tide point in the hope that it would wash out to sea.

As part of the Road Traffic Management Plan speed restriction signs were proposed along The Toft along with speed bump markings and possibly a pedestrian crossing. Also planned are three defined routes to Harbour Beach to include a disability ramp. Other suggestions made include reducing the front line of the dunes and the creation of tunnels under the causeway.

Date of next meeting Tuesday 3rd March, Sailing Club 7.30pm.


* Since meeting it has been confirmed that E & E are not on FC’s list of recipients for a floral grant but that there is still time to apply for this.


Minute of Meeting of Elie and Royal Burgh of Earlsferry Community Council held on 7th January 2020 in Elie Sailing Club


Present:  Mark Dickson (Chair), Angela Anderson, Patricia Ritchie, Shelagh Mackay, Angus Meldrum, Sandy Bingham, Grizelda Cowan.

Councillors Linda Holt, Bill Porteous and John Docherty.

From Fife Coast and Countryside Trust: Robbie Blyth and Jeremy Harris

Apologies: Jim Robertson


Presentation from Robbie Blyth

Robbie presented the consultation draft document, Freedom Camping which addresses issues concerning campervan parking at Ruby Bay Car Park. It is hoped that this report will stimulate national interest and debate and that Fife will take a leading role throughout Scotland in finding ways to manage this national challenge. Robbie stressed that the aim is not to make money but to find a satisfactory way of controlling the motorhomes :  


Freedom Camping - Options Paper on Motorhome Use in Fife - Consultation Draft

In response to pressing concerns expressed by community groups in Fife and in consultation with Fife Council, Fife Coast & Countryside Trust (FCCT) have compiled an options paper to consider pressures arising from the increase of Motorhome users across Fife. The draft paper highlights challenges, opportunities, and risks with potential options for the future. We would be pleased to have your views and ideas on any of its contents by January 31st, 2020: https://d1ssu070pg2v9i.cloudfront.net/pex/fcct/2020/01/07105859/Freedom-Camping-Options-Paper-on-Motorhome-Use-in-Fife.pdf

Comments can be fed back to:

Email: ask.us@fifecountryside.co.uk  (please add Motorhome Consultation to the subject)
Telephone: 01592 656080
Address: FCCT (Motorhome Consultation) Hotpot Wynd, Dysart, Fife, KY12TQ


For anyone wishing to see a hard copy of the document copies can be read at Elie Library.

CC expressed thanks to Robbie for the production of such a thorough and comprehensive document and expressed a wish that all residents take time to read it and report back with any comments/suggestions.


Declarations of interest: Mark and Grizelda both stated a personal interest into the proposed development at the Grange site and Sandy Bingham and Shelagh in connection with their planning applications.


Police report: police reported having received 9 calls but no crimes reported.


November minutes proposed by Trisha, seconded by Sandy



Mark noted that the village enjoyed a very busy Christmas and New Year period. Well done and thanks were expressed to Fayre Day Group for Advent Windows, Carols on the Green, Santa’s Grotto and fabulous decorations and Christmas tree on Toll Green

Earlsferry Town Hall also had a busy season with well attended concert and film shows.

COMCOL will be holding a seminar and workshop on 8th February, at which suggested projects will be discussed, including: future of Toll Green, including Toll Green Hall, possible golf museum & heritage trail and proposed improvements to harbour area.

Opportunity for a representative to give an update on Earlsferry Town Hall

There is a training opportunity for CC members on 20th February – an email has been circulated to all members.



The perennial problem of dog mess throughout village came up again. It was noted that there are 2 new poo bins on the golf course on the track down to West Bay. It is presumed that these have been installed by the Golf Club and, although it was thought to be a good idea concern was expressed that they were not emptied during the Christmas period. We agreed to keep an eye on them in the hope that this was a one-off problem. Cllr John Docherty reminded the meeting that all reports of dog fouling should be made to Safer Communities with a picture of the offending dog – not its owner – as evidence – call 01592 583642 or on line - https://online.fifedirect.org.uk/formFinder/index.cfm?fuseaction=form.Question&Form_id=18A15B38-FC50-6796-20ED271BC3114407. A fine of £80 can be imposed.

It was noted by Angus that the number of dogs in the village significantly increases during the busy holiday periods and suggested that we might impose a levy of £20 on all visiting dogs but this was considered impractical. It was decided that we should write a letter to all known letting agencies asking them to ask their tenants with dogs to behave responsibly. Grizelda to action.

It was also noted that several of the bins in the villages were overflowing during the Christmas period. These were emptied after a request was made to Fife Council. If anyone notices an overflowing bin they can call 01592 5500 22 Ext 4 and it will be seen to with some urgency

It was reported that that village entrance sign opposite the entrance to Elie House is damaged and a request was made to FC that it be re-installed and that the 20MPH sign be moved approx. 20m closer to the village.



It was noted that a decision has been made by FC that, from 6th January, all comments on line re planning applications will not be available for public view till closing date of application. There is some puzzlement as to reasons for this decision. Cllr Linda Holt is to look into and report back at next meeting.



Fencing at Earlsferry end of the dunes was to start today 7th January but high winds has made it necessary to postpone till Thursday 9th. Elmwood students to take some marram grass form the harbour area and replant by Castwell Wynd, Earlsferry.

A claim will be made to the Common Good Fund for cost of the fencing.

At a meeting held on 10th December a request was made that seaweed be removed – there are on-going discussions re where to put it. SNH to be contacted to discover where they used to put it in the past. Angela to action.

Angus met with Andrew Ovenstone after meeting to discuss dunes and passage to harbour beach opposite Andrew’s house. It was agreed that he should be invited to next CC meeting to discuss all issues concerning dunes and passage. The passage is not recorded as a right of way. Angela will progress application for it to be considered as such – to contact Sarah Johnson of FC.

Cllr Jon Docherty to investigate establishing/reinstating disabled access to Harbour Beach



Date of next meeting Tuesday 4th February, Sailing Club 7.30pm.


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